About Us

Hungry is based out of Edmonton, and centres voices that are missing from traditional food media.

We are a space for sharing stories, art and building community around food. We are a platform for writers, artists and creators who are inspired by food culture and stories in their art.

Hungry is co-edited and published by Kyla Pascal and Kathryn Gwun-Yeen Lennon.

Our Hopes and Values

  • Hungry is guided by anti-oppressive, anti-racist, and decolonial values, a commitment to food justice and to centring voices and diverse identities absent from food-media.
  • We believe in elevating and connecting conversations around food, food experience and food knowledge with anti-racism, anti-oppression and justice. Our magazine will support these conversations – from highlighting injustices against migrant farm workers, to stories of resilience and strength of reclaiming Indigenous foodways and food sovereignty, to calling out racism and oppression in the food sector, to connecting internationally and interculturally around the sharing of food knowledge.
  • We aim to build a community of people who share these values, of engaging with food justice and creative expression, as contributors, readers, stockists, partners and supporters. 
  • We are interested in going beyond mainstream food-writing. We know that there is interest and support to share stories that we know are out there, and to build community around food in a different way – one that welcomes our knowledge, experiences and humanity.
  • We hope that our Hungry will open space for new voices and new ways of relating to food and each other. We aim to bring a range of people to the table in terms of writing, art, food knowledge, and lived experience: from professional/published artists/writers to emerging, to foodies (amateur or professional), people of different generations, ages and identities. 
  • We hope to create a platform in the form of a magazine, that convenes and nourishes, and in turn creates opportunities for others 
  • We believe in creating an accessible, inclusive welcoming platform that pays contributors fairly, that is priced accessibly for readers. We are learning and open to feedback!

We acknowledge the financial support of APIRG and the Edmonton Arts Council.