Submission Guidelines

About Submitting to Hungry

  • Please note at this time we are only accepting previously unpublished submissions from authors located in so-called Canada. 
  • All contributors are paid $50 upon publication.
  • We enjoy art and writing that makes us laugh, makes us cry, and makes us question. We enjoy candid, raw, critical, irreverent, thoughtful, and loving writing. We want stories that challenge, critique, inspire, that connect the personal to the political, and the individual to community. We want to elevate and amplify alternative and radical ways of imagining just food systems. We want your writing and art if you engage with food in any way – if you eat, make, grow, or think about food –  whether you are involved in the food industry, in agriculture, in community food work, or in feeding yourself and others. 
  • We prioritize the work of creators whose voices are missing in food media. We make this happen with an intentional selection process and a committed editorial team. If you would like to learn more about our values and how your submission might align, please read more at
  • We want to respect you and your work by providing a reasonable response time. We are a tiny team with limited capacity, so you will hear from us only if we have selected your piece for publication. If you do not hear from us, that means we haven’t been able to include your piece in this issue. Please do share more of your work for future issues!

Submission Guidelines

Please include your first and last name on all attached files.

More details on our editing process, and colour and file set-up.

Poetry: Please submit a maximum of three poems as a PDF, DOC or DOCX.

Fiction and Nonfiction: Please submit up to two pieces, with a maximum of 1000 words each, as a PDF, DOC or DOCX. Writing can include but not limited to short stories, essays, interviews, and recipes.

Visual art and photography: Please send up to three high-resolution images. We accept submissions in colour. Please be aware that Hungry will be printed on a risograph press and colour options will be limited (two colours). Files will need to be set up for risopress (we can guide you through this process if your piece is accepted for publication).


Do we accept simultaneous submissions?
We are happy to accept simultaneous submissions. Please update us if your piece is selected for publication elsewhere.

Is there a fee to submit?
To keep Hungry accessible, we do not charge a submission fee.

Do we accept multiple submissions?
Yes! You are also welcome to submit to more than one issue of Hungry! If we are unable to include your piece in the issue you have submitted to, we will also consider your submission for future issues.

Do we accept previously published work?
No, at this time we do not accept previously published work. Our priority is to feature previously unpublished pieces and voices.

Are we only doing print versions of the zine or will it be electronic as well?
The first issue of Hungry will be in print (for sale). A digital edition (PDF) will be available for download (for free) on our website. We are exploring ways to make content available online as we go forward with our first year of existence. In agreeing to have the piece in the print zine, you also agree to have it published in our digital edition (PDF) and potentially on our website at a later date. Note: There is no extra payment for publication in web and/or digital editions.