Issue 05: Land + Water

Hungry is now accepting submissions for Issue 05: “Land + Water”.

The conversation about food is impossible without a conversation about land and water. From growing food, harvesting, foraging, fishing and hunting, the ways we interact with the environment shape our food systems. Stolen land and land back, climate change, recreational activities, food, agriculture, and cultural practices all impact our food.

We want to hear about your meditations on your connection to land and water and food – be they creative, weird, warm, or complicated. Share your food stories that are shaped by your times on the land and water, and the foods that shape your relationship to the land and water.

Colour Details: This issue will be printed in: Mint PANTONE 324 U (#82d8d5) and Blue PANTONE 3005 U#0078bf).

We enjoy art and writing that makes us laugh, makes us cry, makes us question. We enjoy writing that is candid, raw, critical, irreverent, thoughtful, loving. We want stories that challenge, critique, inspire, that connect the personal to the political, and the individual to community. We want to elevate and amplify alternative and radical ways of imagining just food systems. We want your writing and art if you engage with food in any way – if you eat, make, grow, think about food –  whether you are involved in the food industry, in agriculture, in community food work, in feeding yourself and others. 

Types of content we are interested in:

  • Original reporting/investigative articles
  • Interviews and profiles 
  • Recipes
  • Poetry, personal essays, fiction
  • Illustrations 
  • And more! Pitch an idea to us! 

*Submission Guidelines*

Pitches and submissions can be submitted through our google form here. Questions can be sent to our email at [email protected].

Pitches (by September 15, 2022):

*Pitch us your idea if you prefer not to create something unless you know that we will be pursuing your piece.

  • Pitches should be 500 words or less.
  • Outline the story you want to tell or piece of art you want to create, why it matters here and now, what perspective you will bring to it, and why you think this story is a fit for Hungry.
  • Include your bio and links to previously published work or portfolios if you have them (no worries if you don’t, we are interested in work by emerging creators too!).
  • We will be in touch by April 10, 2022 if we would like to pursue your piece.

Submissions (Deadline is September 30, 2022):

Poetry: Please submit a maximum of three poems as a Google doc or Word doc.

Fiction and Nonfiction: Please submit a maximum of 1000 words as a Google doc or Word doc. Writing can include but not limited to short stories, essays, interviews, and recipes. 

Visual art and photography: Please send up to three high-resolution images. We accept submissions in colour (see details on colours below). Please be aware that Hungry will be printed on a risograph press. If you have questions about setting up your file for riso-printing, please contact us.

*Please include your name on all files.

**Please note at this time we are only accepting previously unpublished submissions from authors located in so-called Canada. 

*About Submitting to Hungry*

Based on feedback we heard from contributors, this issue we will be accepting a combination of pitches as well as completed submissions. The deadline for pitches is September 15, 2022 and the final deadline for submissions is September 30, 2022 . 

We want to respect you and your work by providing a reasonable response time. We are a tiny team with limited capacity (juggling jobs, school and a new baby), so you will hear from us only if we have selected your piece for publication in Issue 05: Land + Water. You can expect to hear back from us about your piece(s) by the end of October 7th. If you do not hear from us by October 7th, that means we haven’t been able to include your piece in this issue. Please do share more of your work for future issues!

All contributors whose work is selected will be paid $50 upon publication of Issue 05.

We prioritize the work of creators whose voices are missing in food media. We make this happen with an intentional selection process and a committed editorial team. If you would like to learn more about our values and how your submission might align, please read more at