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Issue 07 – Call for Submissions is Open

Hungry is now accepting pitches and submissions for Issue 07: “Funeral Foods” This issue opens up space for feelings and thoughts around grief and food. The recipes lost when a loved one passes away, the dishes we can no longer indulge in after a break up, connections to culture lost, the community recipes for feeding […]

Issue 06 – Call for Submissions

This issue is about heat and spice, romance, love, sex, and pleasure. Like a steamy bowl of laksa noodle soup, this issue might make you sweat, might make your tongue tingle like a mouthful of Sichuan peppercorns, but that’s part of the experience, right? Issue 06: Hot & Spicy is an homage to the sensual, […]

MALL FOOD: Call for Submissions!

Hungry Zine x the Mitchell Art Gallery  MALL FOOD will be a collaborative zine about food culture at West Edmonton Mall, assembled over the course of the Mitchell Art Gallery’s exhibition: THE MALL.  Curated by the Hungry Zine team, featuring cover art by Michelle Campos Castillo, and risograph printed by Yolkless Press, the zine will […]

Issue 05: Land + Water

Hungry is now accepting submissions for Issue 05: “Land + Water”. The conversation about food is impossible without a conversation about land and water. From growing food, harvesting, foraging, fishing and hunting, the ways we interact with the environment shape our food systems. Stolen land and land back, climate change, recreational activities, food, agriculture, and […]

Issue 03: Call for Pitches and Submissions

Hungry is now accepting submissions for Issue 03: “Restaurants”. During the pandemic we’ve seen some of our favourite restaurants close, we’ve seen the impacts of precarious work on food industry folks, and we’ve had to rethink our relationships with restaurants. We came to this theme thinking about how much of our food experience is shaped […]

Issue 02 – Call for Submissions & Pitches

Hungry is now accepting submissions for Issue 02: “It’s Complicated”. We came to this theme thinking about the complexities of our relationships to food. Sometimes we hate our home cooking, recipes don’t always go as planned, and our relationship to food can be difficult. We want to hear about the complicated parts of your food […]

Issue 01 – Call for Submissions & Pitches

Hungry is now accepting submissions and pitches for Issue 01, our official first issue. We want your art and writing on the theme of PRESERVE. How do we continue to preserve our cultures, traditions, and relationships to food? What do you preserve? What does your harvest include? How is preservation linked to power? Types of content […]

Issue 00 – Call for Submissions

Our call for submissions for Issue 00: “Home Cooking” is now closed. Stay tuned for details about the issue’s launch, and call-outs for future issues. With our first and pilot issue, we honour everyday food knowledge. We are asking for submissions on the theme of home cooking. What does home cooking mean to you? What […]